Wireless that Works

We understand RF, it isn't about how many access points you have. Its about which access points, where they are, what you need them to do, and how they are configured.

Wireless Configuration & Security

Who has access to the network and what are they allowed to do? Is the guest wireless, really just guest wireless? 2.4ghz & 5ghz devices. It's important you buy the right devices for your environment.

Wireless Validation

We start by certifying the cabling on your network. If the cabling can't handle the load, the APs you use wont make a difference.

Then we produce heat maps of your suite, building, or campus so we can validate the wireless signal and confirm coverage and performance.

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Wireless that really works

If you are looking for a controller-less solution for a small environment, or an on-prem physical or virtual controller or cloud controller. We can help.