We've Got You Covered

Digital Synergy Consulting has the technical expertise and management experience to assess your needs and tailor a program that will support your plan for growth. You can utilize our full range of services or bring us in to supplement your existing internal IT department on an “as-needed” basis.

We can replace or supplement your existing IT department. We monitor and proactively maintain your existing environment.

Our Managed IT Services regularly manages your systems and networks to keep your PCs, servers and networks up and running, significantly minimizing downtime.

By outsourcing you free up resources and always have experts that are trained and up to date on the latest technology available to you at a much lower cost than having a full departments staffed in-house.

Outsourced CIO Services

  • We have experience implementing large complex IT systems
  • ERP, MRP, CRM, SIS experience

We go through a multi-step process to ensure projects are completed as required

  • Needs analysis
  • Process flow analysis
  • Documentation of existing systems
  • Sourcing software that meets your needs
  • Assisting through the demo and requirements matching phase
  • Project managing the procurement of the software package
  • Project management through implementation

Get IT supported

If you are looking for an audit of your existing environment, and MSP to handle all your needs, or a service partner that can help you with your desktops, networks, servers, security and remote workers, contact us.